1. Watch Repair

The First wristwatch was made for Countess Koscowicz by world renown watchmaker Patek Philippe in 1868.

We are quite sure the first watch repair was done early in 1869. Seriously mechanical watches are some of the most complexed mechanisms know to man and do require periodic upkeep. Today's complicated movements can have more than 200 moving parts.

At Thousand Island Diamond Center we can provide service on virtually every type of time piece.

Many simple services – Batteries and bracelet resizing can be completed in the house often in just a few minutes.

For more complexed repairs – overhauls on mechanical watches or batteries on Swiss watches or specialized water resistant watches we have off-site services that can accommodate virtually any brands.

All watch estimates are done free of charge and all repairs are guaranteed for 1 year.

2. In-House Jewelry Repair

Antique and Estate restorations – At Thousand Island Diamond Center we take great pride in restoring and remaking your family heirlooms. Most restorations can be done at our repair shop in Watertown. Occasionally the custom reproduction or delicate laser work must be done in our state of the art factory in Montreal.

3. Diamond Buying

Diamonds have represented the most concentrated form of wealth known to man. Over the decades their value has shown to increase nicely. Thousand Island Diamond Center is happy to inspect your jewelry that is no longer being worn and make you a fair upfront offer. We are particularly interested in period pieces and diamonds over one half carat.

4. Free Cleaning and Inspecting

An Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. To this point, Thousand Island Diamond Center Offers Free cleaning and inspections for life on all items purchased from Thousand Island Diamond Center. We also cherish a role in the community so if you have purchased jewelry items over the years from other jewelers or inherited items that need some care we will gladly inspect and do our very best to return its original luster for free. Some Items may require additional care that may require some additional charge.

5. Jewelry Service Guarantee

We employ the finest craftsmen in the industry. Our work is second to none. All of our services are guaranteed for one year after completion.

6. Diamond Price Guarantee


At Thousand Island Diamond Center, we specialize in diamonds graded by The Gemological Institute of America, and the American Gem Society. We guarantee the absolute best prices on diamonds. When you buy a diamond from Thousand Island Diamond Center, we back that purchase with an assurance that your diamond will grade the same or higher. Should you bring your diamond to be appraised by an internationally accredited laboratory, and your diamond came back with a lower grade, we will replace the diamond and refund $500 of your purchase for the inconvenience. If you buy a diamond and find the exact same quality for less elsewhere, we will refund the difference. Due to fluctuations in the gemstone market, any price claim must be received within 6 months of your purchase.

7. Limited Lifetime Warranty

All jewelry purchased at Thousand Island Diamond Center is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects. If your diamond or gemstone is lost due to a defect, we will replace it free of charge. This warranty does not cover normal wear & tear or blemishes that arise as a result of negligence. We take full responsibility for our products as they are sold to you, and are excited to offer this policy to members of the Thousand Island family to further build trust with our clients.

8. Military Discount

Thousand Island Diamond Center is a proud supporter of our nation’s troops, both past and present. We offer a 10% discount on regular priced items to all active duty military personnel as well as veterans. Pandora items are excluded from this discount. If you wish to take advantage of this discount, just show an associate a document linking you to the service, and the discount will be applied at checkout.

9. 90-Day Layaway

Thousand Island Diamond Center offers a convenient 90 day Layaway program. If you put 20% down we will hold your purchase for you for up to 90 days. We ask that you make monthly payments. Should you require a little extra time we will work closely with you to make your dreams a reality.

10. Get preapproved online!

Applying for financing can be an inconvenience, especially leading up to a wedding day or a milestone celebration. Click on the link below to get instantly pre-approved for one of our proprietary financing plans, so that you can avoid financial strain and keep your focus on getting the perfect jewelry for the occasion.

11. Financing Available

Thousand Island Diamond Center thinks buying the very best should be easy and convenient. To assist you with this we have two special financing offers. You can take up to 12 months to pay for your purchase with 0% interest or you can take up to 5 years to pay at a reduced rate of 9.99%. Both plans require minimum purchases and minimum monthly payments. Please stop in so we can carefully explain all your options.

12. Gold Buying

Most clients have jewelry in their jewelry box that they simply don’t wear anymore. While many signed pieces from famous makers like Tiffany and Van Cleef can appreciate. All gold and platinum items have a value based on their weight in precious metal. At Thousand Island Diamond Center you can sell your unwanted items in comfort to a true expert who will give you a fair value and treat your items with the respect they deserve.

13. Appraisals

Thousand Island Diamond Center has experts in all phases of the Jewelry industry. Appraisals can often be a delicate process as there are several types of appraisals.

First is an Insurance appraisal – This should be completed by a Certified Gemologist Appraiser. Preferably this individual shouldn’t be in the business of buying and selling fine jewelry. Since we are an active retailer we have this service performed by an independent third party

Statement of Value – We will provide a statement of value for any item purchased from Thousand Island Diamond Center. This will serve as a replacement value for your insurance carrier and lets you know the current market value for your fine jewelry. If the item was not purchased at Thousand Island Diamond Center we can still provide this service for you at a nominal charge depending on the complexity of the evaluation.

Fair market value – often clients inherit jewelry and they simply want to verify authenticity and have a rough idea of what their items may be worth. This is an informal consultation that we are happy to do free of charge. If you are interested in selling those items we are happy to make you an offer depending on our need for the items and the component value.