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On Line Buying
Thousand Island Diamond Center

Myths about on line Buying

  1. Diamonds on line are Cheaper than in a store – False on line retailers take advantage of the fact that grading parameters are meant to convey a large range of diamonds. In short if you Search a round diamond G color SI1 very good cut on the most popular on line site you will find prices from $4900 to over $6600. The diamond they sell for $4900 wouldn’t meet our minimum standards for beauty and at $6600 we could provide you a superior diamond for less.
  2. On Line retailers have a better selection – False on that same site we searched G-H color SI1 the result is 212 diamonds only 2 were available for overnight delivery the other 210 would take 12 days because they have to acquire that diamond from a dealer in India or somewhere else overseas. In the old days of advertising retailers called this bait and switch. This is where a retailer advertises products they don’t own to draw you in but then sell you what they want you to buy. Thousand Island Diamond Center Owns its Diamonds this means we believed enough in the beauty and value to invest our own money. We are further supported by our cutting and manufacturing partner so we can provide you with the exact diamond of your dreams.
  3. With an on line retailer I can compare many diamonds at once – False – Again our friends in the on line business use slick imagery to make us believe we are getting a 3 dimensional view. We all know our I phone or computer screen can only provide us with a 2 dimensional view. There is only one way to compare diamonds that is side by side under a microscope where you can learn each diamonds unique characteristics.
  4. As long as I have my paperwork I know what I am getting. False – while the Grading chart developed by the Gemological institute provides valuable language for a professional to begin the discussion with a client it was never meant for the purpose it is being used for today. Some diamonds simply have superior crystal structure and will have better light performance. In short Thousand Island Diamond Center would reject 99% of the Diamonds in the market.
  5. All Diamond come from the same place. False – while Debeers still controls about 50% of the rough supplied it even separates its rough funneling the top ½ of 1% to authorized cutters. At Thousand island Diamond Center our Cutting and manufacturing facility meets the highest possible standards.

What about how you Ring is made?

80% of Jewelry sold today is made in India and China they use a process to mass produce items called wax set or cast in place. This is what causes diamonds and gemstones to keep falling out.

Thousand Island Diamond Center proudly makes its Jewelry in North America. All of our Diamonds are set by hand. Our side diamonds are perfectly matched and calibrated within 1/500th of a millimeter. This extra care gives you both a more durable and a more beautiful ring for far less than you expect.