Thousand Island Diamond Center has experts in all phases of the Jewelry industry. Appraisals can often be a delicate process as there are several types of appraisals.

First is an Insurance appraisal – This should be completed by a Certified Gemologist Appraiser. Preferably this individual shouldn’t be in the business of buying and selling fine jewelry. Since we are an active retailer we have this service performed by an independent third party

Statement of Value – We will provide a statement of value for any item purchased from Thousand Island Diamond Center. This will serve as a replacement value for your insurance carrier and lets you know the current market value for your fine jewelry. If the item was not purchased at Thousand Island Diamond Center we can still provide this service for you at a nominal charge depending on the complexity of the evaluation.

Fair market value – often clients inherit jewelry and they simply want to verify authenticity and have a rough idea of what their items may be worth. This is an informal consultation that we are happy to do free of charge. If you are interested in selling those items we are happy to make you an offer depending on our need for the items and the component value.